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Singapore Preparation


So I┬áhave been very busy the past few days getting prepared for this study tour to Singapore. I have been running around all of the eastern suburbs trying to find exactly what I want and need, and I am finally all prepared and ready for my flight tomorrow morning (the 27th of June). However, even though I am finally prepared, and no matter how many times I have been overseas and had to pack clothes, it still took me much longer than it really should take someone. People would probably find it sad how difficult it is for me to decide which items of clothing I should pack. Some would even say I act like I am picking which t-shirt lives, and which one perishes, when really its no big deal at all (although I usually end up just packing both…. whoops). Hopefully I don’t overpack, as I have a bad habit of doing this in the past. But as you can see in the photos I still have room for shopping overseas.


I am extremely excited, but nervous at the same time. I know however I will absolutely love my time over in Singapore.
I expect Singapore to be a very clean, high-tech, punctual city, which I look forward to largely. The opportunity to get away from this cold windy weather is also a plus. BRING ON SINGAPORE AND SAFE TRAVELS EVERYONE!