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Creating Group Work

The plans for today didn’t work out as we hoped to have an industry visit however it turned out to be a bonus for the students as it gave us some much needed time to catch up and start organising group work. This day started off with team nano meeting together to organised the various part of the group work and also started to research key parts of the assignments.
After this morning of intense researching driven by the team leader Trey Guest, we went to meet Paul who took us to the SMART CREATE MIT centre. This was mainly focused on micro fluidics and the applications they can have. It was really educational to see how they mircofluidics were made and how they could be applied to problems that hospitals face. It was really intruging to learn how cancerous cells where separated from normal cells considering that they are almost identical. Today was an extra day to plan our assignments that we hadn’t planned on and therefore it was super relieving.



Today is the day I leave for Singapore, I had my last exam yesterday and only had time to pack lastnight. I quadruple checked my luggage as I’m paranoid that I forgot to pack something.

I’m pretty excited to go to Singapore, I’ve never really been overseas before, I think Singapore will be a very interesting place. I’ve read up a lot of what to do there and am looking forward to doing some sightseeing and exploring the city before the study tour starts. Also, I am looking forward to the warmer weather, it’s been pretty cold and crappy in Melbourne the last few days.

I’m looking forward to the study tour, it will be interesting to see what other universities are like and what sort of things they are researching. I’m most exited for the industry visits as these could be some of the companies I could work with upon graduating my degree.