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Pre-Tour Musings

It is difficult to describe exactly how I am feeling about this trip. On the one hand, the anxiety and nervousness of travelling overseas for the very first time can be quite intense. On the other, the thought of the many fascinating and inspirational places that we will be visiting leaves me eager and excited. Despite my apparent ambivalence, however, I am convinced that this study tour is exactly the kind of intense introduction into the ‘science of the real world’ that I need, and I am anticipating many positive experiences.

After spending much of the last few days trying to gather my belongings and finish all of my last-minute organizational tasks, I have admittedly not spent as much time researching the ins and outs of Singapore as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I have been able to construct a generalized mental image of what to expect, based on the research I have done and the reports I have heard.

Perhaps one of the most often talked about features of Singapore city is its cleanliness; many claim that you will not find a cleaner city! The city is also supposed to be very safe (or so I have heard). In addition – and perhaps a little more relevant to the study tour-, Singapore also has a reputation for its strength in scientific research, with some of the most advanced facilities in the world. Indeed, it is this aspect of Singapore that I can’t wait to explore over the next two weeks.

I am, however, a little uneasy regarding the very strict and somewhat unconventional (from an Australian cultural perspective) penalties for certain offences. Obviously I am not expecting these laws to apply to myself, yet I still feel a little daunted by the concept as a whole.

But at the end of the day, the only way to test these expectations is to experience the city and the culture in the flesh.

With that being said, I wonder how my views will change over the next 10 days?

P.S. I can’t wait to try the food.