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Feet on the ground. Red Alert.

After having a short flight from Kuala Lumpur, I spoke to an Indian man from Deli, he gave me his number and insisted I come stay with him sometime.

Having collected my luggage and heading outside, I didn’t realise how much the air conditioning was helping until I left the airport and took a train down the line, whereby I must have looked like a lost sore thumb as a man offered help to give me directions to the hotel, even walking me part of the way. During the walk he told me that Geylang, the area I am staying in, is very shifty and not to trust anyone and to be on my guard. After checking in and settling in, I spent some time catching some sleep after the transit while waiting for Gerard to arrive in the afternoon.

After buying a sim card and public transport “ez link” card I went back to the train station to catch up with Gerard to take him back to the hotel. While walking the streets of Geylang my first impressions were that it was very cramped and quite dirty with many prostitutes about attempting to catch my gaze. As I was walking down Lorong 18,  I had one man approach me and invite me inside his house, when i asked what was in the house he told me it was a fish tank with Thai and Vietnamese girls. I respectfully declined his offer. I found the food to be quite cheap while giving decent portion sizes.

Hotel frgrance, Crystal.
Hotel fragrance, Crystal.

On the second day after arriving (26th June). I found out that Lorong 18 is right in the middle of one of Singapore’s legal red light districts and I was staying right in the middle of it. I noticed that all of the houses in the street that weren’t hotels were houses of pleasure, which were easily identified by large red house numbers out the front of the houses.

Anyway, after taking the train into the city, I meet up with some of the other guys on the trip and we went on the Singapore flyer, which included a little interactive museum. While walking up to the flyer, we saw two film crews which were filming an amazing race style show called “the bacon express”. The view from the flyer was really nice and gave a great perspective on the city of Singapore.

Singapore flyer, the largest in the world at 165m tall.
Singapore flyer, the largest in the world at 165m tall.

We proceeded to have a trip around the city just exploring, which I found Singapore to be very clean, air conditioned everywhere and very spacious.

After spending a night observing our section of Geylang on a vibrant Friday night, the following day was just a trip to our new home of NUS and starting the assessment tasks for the trip.

Photogenic ducks, and a turtle at the botanical gardens.
Photogenic ducks, and a turtle at the botanical gardens.