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One Storm, Two Domes, and Three Towers

After spending our first night in our appointed student residence Рwhich is, as a whole, quite comfortable -, it was finally time to begin our long awaited study tour. With a trip to the extravagant Marina Bay Sands and the nearby Gardens by the Bay just on the horizon, we were all keen to get moving.

But as 10 o’clock rolled around and we all gathered at the meeting point, the true nature of the Singaporean climate revealed itself. Within minutes, the previously cloudless skies were filled with dark rain clouds and booming thunder (the photo below hardly captures the majesty of the downpour).

Yet by the time we arrived at the Marina Bay Sands, the weather was once again sunny, and the day was beginning to heat up. The true scale of the Marina Bay Sands hotel is hard to grasp until you are standing at its base. The three towers, along with the multi-story shopping centre located below, can only be described as the epitome of Singapore’s affluence. ¬†Indeed, it truly highlights Singapore’s economic success, while also highlighting the country’s obvious economic disparity.

After a leisurely lunch, we then proceeded towards the Gardens by the Bay: a beautiful garden containing two huge domes with controlled climates, each of which housing a huge array of varying flora. We spent the rest of the trip in the two domes, capturing as many photos as possible of the amazing views (from atop the high walkways) and the exotic plants.

Overall, I felt that the experience was a perfect, relaxed introduction to what I am sure is going to be a very intense study tour.