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This morning we didn’t have any visits planned, so we started planning our group assignment, which was handy to start the assignment early, and it made the morning pretty relaxed. I went and had lunch at Wendy’s, I’ve been pretty bad the past couple days and have been eating too much takeaway/western food.

After lunch we met up and went to the SMART CREATE centre where we were given a tour of some if their bio labs, where they use micro fluidics to investigate the effects of drugs on cells in a 3d in-vitro environment. Then we had a tour of their optics labs also. I found the micro fluidics research area pretty interesting.


After the tour, the day was over and Trey, Norton, Paddy, Gerard, Nic, Nathan, Will, George and I went and played basketball at the stadium.



Friday 4th July.

This morning we went back to Nanyang Technological University to have a tour around the Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N) and then the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and left from Starbucks at 9am.

When we arrived, Professor Choo Fook Hoong gave an introductory presentation about the Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N). They collaborate with many large companies and they are very interested in alternative energy sources such as solar and hydrogen fuel cells. For me, this is an interesting research institute as I want to get into research of alternate energy sources.

Graduate students then gave lectures on their work about solar panels, fuel cells and different types of energy storage systems. Then we were shown some project displays and demos on wind and marine renewable energy and also alternate methods of cooling buildings. They have a few of these cooling systems installed in some of their buildings, one of the techniques used a modified roofing panel that had an evaporative cooling effect.

After the tour it was time for lunch and we were provided Subway which was delicious. We then caught a bus to the physical and mathematical sciences school where we were given presentations on their scholarship programs, and then some presentations from some of the researchers on topics such as; laser cooking and superconductor systems using cold atoms. To finish the day we had a tour around the labs, and one lab had a laser cooling setup with an active experiment where they had trapped atoms in a condensed point, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment, the experiment took 3 years to set up and around $3 million to purchase the equipment.

That was the end of the day and I just went back to Utown and had an early night.


Today is the day I leave for Singapore, I had my last exam yesterday and only had time to pack lastnight. I quadruple checked my luggage as I’m paranoid that I forgot to pack something.

I’m pretty excited to go to Singapore, I’ve never really been overseas before, I think Singapore will be a very interesting place. I’ve read up a lot of what to do there and am looking forward to doing some sightseeing and exploring the city before the study tour starts. Also, I am looking forward to the warmer weather, it’s been pretty cold and crappy in Melbourne the last few days.

I’m looking forward to the study tour, it will be interesting to see what other universities are like and what sort of things they are researching. I’m most exited for the industry visits as these could be some of the companies I could work with upon graduating my degree.