Reflective journal

The 2014 Singapore study tour has been an extremely valuable experience for me. I learnt various things related to nanotechnology while being given the opportunity to learn about a different culture. Since completing this study tour I have an altered perspective of how different countries can be from one another and the learning opportunities that they present. This tour has highlighted how different countries can be from one another that simply reading about a country cannot provide, even if they have a similar history such as being a former British colony. Through the tours of the science labs in Singapore I have gained a large amount of knowledge about possible projects that I would be interested in completing at some point in my future. I have learnt a great deal about the fields of research that are currently being undertaken which has given me an opportunity to discover where my personal interest lies.
Singapore has some things that any country should aim to integrate into their own community, such as scientific funding, growth of the society in a variety of ways (GDP, population and Infrastructure), and immigration.
There are also things that Singapore does that Australia cannot achieve; Australia is unable to create a public transport system to match Singapore’s as the land mass is far too expansive and Australia does not have the car owning tax to reduce the number of people able to purchase cars.
Opposing, there are many things that Australia does to a higher standard than Singapore. These include The incorporation of extensive welfare payments, the Australian working conditions are some of the best in the world and the minimum wage is also one of the best in the world.