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Arrival in Singapore

My plane flight was delayed two hours, so I arrived in Sinapore later than expected. The flight was the longest flight I’ve ever been on and it wasn’t as bad as I expected, there was a four year old boy infront of me but he was pretty friendly and never cried which was good. On arriving at the Changi airport I had to convince myself that it was going to be hot outside, but I couldn’t prepare myself for the humidity.

The airport didn’t seem much different to Australia, except for the customer feedback tablets where you rate your experience with the service. I waited at the airport for Trey’s flight to arrive and then we caught a taxi to the backpackers that we’re staying at for the first couple of nights. I like that there are black and white stripes oainted on most of the gutters, it feels like your in a racing game.

We arrived at the backpackers which is in little India and I had pretty high expectations on the cleanliness of the city, and from what I’ve seen so far, little India hasnt’t lived up to what I expected. The food so far has been good, I had the best mie goreng noodles I’ve ever had and it only cost $3.


For the rest of the day I’ll probably just have a walk around the area and try to have a good sleep.