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First Impression of Singapore

As I thought, Singapore is very clean, punctual, and the people are extremely helpful and nice. I have loved my time here so far, even with all the complications I have had. But luckily for me, the people of Singapore helped me every step of the way.

To start off my flight was delayed which sent me into a slight panic as I was staying with Nathan and was worried he would be stuck waiting for me in the hotel lobby, and I was unsure how to contact him as I purchased a Singapore sim card, which once inserted in my phone rendered my phone useless because I required an internet connection or my laptop, both of which I was unable to access at that time. So I bought my MRT card and caught the train to Clementi station, which due to my excessive packing was a struggle as I had to carry a 19kg suitcase, 7kg hand luggage, and laptop bag. Thankfully the train was air-conditioned and very informative. Once arriving at Clementi however I was very lost and confused, but thanks to a kind Singaporean family that guided me to where I was able to get a taxi to my hotel. Luckily as I pulled up to the hotel Nathan and Paddy were walking out to get dinner as Nathan had been staying with him previously, so I was relieved that he hadn’t been sitting all day waiting for me as it was 8pm at this point.

Today (the 28th of June) Nathan, Paddy and I walked around University Town and found where Starbucks was as this was our meeting point later on. We also explored the bus system (unintentionally might I add) around the area and got slightly lost, but we found our way fairly easily. We checked out at 12:30 and met some other at Starbucks in U Town and are currently waiting for everyone else to arrive. I thoroughly look forward to the weeks ahead, and can definitely already see myself returning to Singapore in the future.