The Final day

The last day was filled with lab visits, demonstrations and presentations. The morning consisted of the tour group visiting the last ASTAR institution on our schedule, Institute of Molecular Biology. This was immediately interesting as it started with a presentation from an Australian born scientist Victor Nurcombe. He first detailed the history of Singapore followed by his own history and then moved us onto what he was currently working on and why there was a need for it. He explained his project that is currently approaching his first human trials and it really sounded like a great product, Norton almost had his check book out to invest. 

After this we were shown to the lab that contains the microscopes. It was really intriguing to be able to see the awesome equipment that could be used in the future. It was awesome to see a super resolution microscope which we had learnt about in a previous nanotech course. 

We then went to NUS and had a look at the synchrotron that only occupied a single room. This is an incredibly small example but it still can be used in a variety of experiment up to x-rays. This is very helpful for a large amount of experiments that are currently being performed. 

The tour ended with an informal chat back at IMRE. This was a really good way to wind down as we could discuss the changes in our ideas, opinions and aims that had happened in Singapore. This was a nice afternoon to relax and reminisce on an excellent time in Singapore and a educational tour.