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Relaxing Weekend

This week end we had free gave me some much needed time to relax and recuperate. My highlight from the week end would have to be the time we spent at Wild Wild Wet. We spent a sizeable amount of time trying to actually leave NUS. Im not sure how long we spent waiting around for the local bus to take us to Kent Ridge MRT station but it was too long, so in the end we decided to take a taxi the way there. The water park was no disappointment, at only 19 dollars entry and access to all the rides we had a wonderful time in the wet.

As we departed Wild Wild Wet, Nick and I chose to go to Orchard road and do some shopping. We went together and found ourselves at Ion, a massive shopping complex that gave us many options of where to shop. This place was the first shopping centre i have been to in Singapore and it did not fail to disappoint me.


Weekend in Singapore

It was a great weekend in Singapore as the La Trobe students were set free to roam around and see what we wanted. Unfortunately for us we were all very tired from the past week so we spend Saturday resting and catching up on work.

On Sunday a group of us decided to go out and do something fun, so we went to a water park called Wild Wild Wet that was not too far from Changi Airport. It was extremely cheap at only $19 SGD for entry, and definitely worth the money! The park had very little people in it so the longest time we waited would have been three minutes at most. There were a variety of rides, one being a slide in which we could all go down at once. My favourite ride was called the Torpedo in which you are standing up in a tube, and then the floor you are standing on drops down and you fall down the slide at high speeds.


On the way home from the waterpark George and I went to Orchard shopping centre to purchase some items that we needed. It was good to be able to visit some shops that I love that are not in Melbourne, however I was happy to hear from some staff that they will soon be there.

The Weekend

After a long, intense week of activities, I was very much awaiting the weekend for a chance to get some much needed rest. On Friday night, however, I stayed up much later than I anticipated in order to watch a World Cup final (France vs Germany), but I was able to sleep in on Saturday to compensate. The rest of Saturday went exactly as planned; I remained within the accommodation for 90% of the day and spent most of my time relaxing or absentmindedly researching assignment topics. It was an excellent change of pace from the fast-paced nature of the week before.

After a lazy Saturday, it was time to make use of our spare time to do something a little more exciting, namely the Wild Wild Wet water park! In total, five of us decided to head up to Pasir Ris train station to enjoy the various rides and activities of this affordable (only $19 each!) water-based amusement park.

I think it is safe to say that we all had a fantastic time! There was a reasonable variety of different water slides, from thrilling free fall drops to 5-man tube slides. The weather was also perfect, with the maximum temperature hitting approximately 30 degrees and the clouds providing convenient shelter from the hot sun. Overall, it was definitely a worthwhile trip, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone planning on coming to Singapore.

Weekend adventures, with some R&R.

When I got back to my room Friday night I realised that in the bathroom that they had changed the taps from, taps to times press tops, which makes washing hands annoying. Friday night was really nice and a good time to relax, I was chilling out with some of the other guys watching the world cup when we noticed some guy in the hallway outside the common room. As I went to the bathroom he threw up as I realised he was a bit drunk, so one of the other guys gave him some water to help him feel better.
A while after that when we went to check on him some of his friends showed up telling us he was at a party in the area and disappeared, so they found him on the 13th floor of our building. He was looking in a bad state so as we were taking him to the shower we noticed that he was completely unresponsive, but he was breathing so that was good.
We got his friend to call an ambulance while we took him to the lobby of the building and put him in the recovery position.
On Saturday I woke up at 2pm, it was nice to have a very long sleep in. I spent the day relaxing on Utown campus and spent time with my trip comrades. We also played some video games on our computers together.
On Sunday, after a late brunch, five of us went to Wild Wild Wet, a water park near Pasir Ris, an eastern district near Changi airport. It was good to have a day to cool off in some water. Even when it rained it was lovely and warm so the temperature was really nice the whole day.
Getting there was a bit of a hassle, taxis can be really tricky and will often reject taking you where you want to go because it’s too far from their area. After we spent a fair few hours there we took the train back to NUS Utown, where I caught up on some washing and went to bed.