Fusionopolis and the Zoo

Today we enjoyed the wonderful facilities at Fusionopolis which housed some of the cutting edge technology that the A-STAR institutes had created. This covered a wide variety of applications from using a laser to control a computer to hospital beds that can read vital signs. This was really interesting as most of the study tour so far had been about the research that creates the materials it was pleasant to be able to see the final product and the applications that they have. The next part of the day involved meeting up with the biodiversity group again to visit the zoo. This was a nice change in pace as it allowed some people to expand their horizons and meet new people from a different culture. The zoo was nice however the enclosures seemed a little too small and it looked like some animals were a little stressed about the heat.

Today was extremely enjoyable as it was a step down in pace and we had a day to enjoy the inventions that had come from ASTAR research. It was also exciting to go to the zoo and see some animals that we had not seen before. We also got a behind the scenes tour of the zoo which involved us making food for the animals, seeing how the animals where treated when ill and also seeing the food the lions and tiger enjoy. This was an experience that I had never had and I would certainly recommend this to anyone. The future applications of the learning that I did today could directly influence the pathway that I decide to follow in my education. I have started to see that some of the research that we have seen is not what I would like to do in the future and some research that is really interesting and I would love to participate in. One example is the bio mimicry study that we learnt about the other day and using nature to help design and research new things. It seems that through evolution there are some wonderful features that animals have that are many times better than the current technology.