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Arrival and Revelations

Admittedly, landing in Singapore I was forced to concede all that I had previously thought of the country and all I anticipated for my travels. The seamlessness and friendliness as to which I was directed from customs to transport, and successively my hostel reinforced all that I had been told to expect. However the state posses a liveliness that I was unable to foresee. A brief drive through the city was analogous for the large-scale business culture that the country stands for, however I developed the greatest sense of the countries personalities in the parts of the city not widely broadcasted.

Residing in Little India, what seems to be a financially unstable climate, an underbelly to the country is evident and typically human endeavours seem find ways around the control of the state. Although government is focussed on the economic prospects of the state, it is evident that the locals are immersed in their day-to-day life. Surprisingly, the country is culturally diverse with strong Indian influences – particularly in my current place of residence. If I were not to venture from the area I am currently in, I could be easily convinced that I had not been in Singapore at all. Rather than cleanliness and structure, I have witnessed a chaotic yet ordered environment saturated with merchants and labourers. Despite the anachronism of the community to the greater Singaporean experience, Little India demonstrates the significance of the human experience in the city’s lifestyle.


The hostel that I am staying at has given me insight into the true sense of humanism in global communities. It is apparent that language and racial barriers are simply overcome by the conveyance of the message that we all wish for the same experience – to have fun and experience the greater communities of the world. Currently, I am excited as to what my experiences in the wealthier parts of the city will bring however I could ask nothing more of my time in Little India and the understanding it has given me on the ubiquity of the human spirit.


–  Trey Guest