All good things…

Immediately following the close of the tour I made a quick last visit to funan. After returning back to U Town I once again enjoyed some Japanese food at the food court along with a fruit milkshake before going back to my room where I worked on some of my blogs before retiring to watching some TV shows before going to sleep reasonably early. The next day was rather uneventful, procrastinated most of the day away on my computer, went to the food court for the last time before returning to my room, packing up, checking out and heading for the airport, thankfully it was almost a direct line along the train to get there. Checked in at the airport then got something to eat before heading over to the gate for my flight home, while waiting I contemplated how it would feel to be back home and ran the tour over in my mind.
This tour has really opened up my eyes and my mind, before this tour I knew very little about Singapore, I thought it to be little more than another 2nd world, overpopulated country like Indonesia but it turned out to be anything but, Singapore I learned is in fact the world’s wealthiest country per capita, with the greatest density of millionaires within the population. Their education, particularly in Science, Technology and Engineering is world class, as is their industry in the same fields. The political system works much smarter and more efficiently than any other country I know of, the president is a physicist, the prime minister is a mathematician and the majority of the politicians are engineers not lawyers, something completely unheard of in more westernised countries like Australia or the United States. Everywhere you go you can see that environmental awareness is incredibly more prominent than anywhere I have ever been to, a nice change is that here the truth of climate change isn’t up for debate, and the nation is taking an active approach to combating it, I wish the same could be said for Australia.
I think that the way Singapore operates itself is something that Australia and all countries should aspire to, multicultural acceptance, high quality education, well educated politicians focused on getting things done and improving the quality of life of their citizens and not on simply winning elections who have an awareness of the fact that being a world leader in innovations in science, technology and engineering are the foundations upon which whole new businesses and industries are built which will drive the wealth and economies of the future. Being in Singapore felt like being in the society of the future. Visiting the science labs and the research and development facilities gave me a great insight into both what science education looks like in the later years of study and what research looks like both during study as well as part of the career of a scientist as is what I aspire to be.
This trip I feel gives me a much better idea of what I can expect for myself in my coming years of study and education as well as hopefully what my career may be like, visiting the labs has made me more familiar with lab equipment and machinery that I will (hopefully) be using in the future as well as the visits to the research, development and manufacturing institutions has shown me how what we study can be put into practice, what real scientists do after they have completed their education, and how the future will be shaped tomorrow by what they are working on today.