This is the End…

So, here we are on the last day of what has been an incredibly intense – yet equally educational – study tour. To finish things up, we spent the morning visiting the Institute for Medical Biology (IMB) located with the Biopolis district – a group of high-rise buildings devoted entirely to biologically focussed research and technologies. The visit began with a short tour of the microscopy laboratories, wherein we were educated on the workings of a number of different light microscopes and advanced techniques. Following this tour, we were given a remarkably insightful and interesting presentation by Dr. Victor Nurcombe, focussed specifically on Singapore’s history and politics, as well as Dr. Nurcombe’s own research into using sugars to activate the growth response in damaged tissue. Dr. Nurcombe was a very competent and eloquent speaker, and I found his talk to be quite inspiring and motivation.

                But as we returned to IMRE in the afternoon to finish up the tour, I found myself a little disappointed that everything was winding up. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Singapore; both the educational and social aspects were fantastic.

But I guess all good things come to an end. On the bright side, it is exciting to be returning home. After all, home means real milk!