Last day

Last day of the study tour before I’m free to go where I want, YAY. So today we visited IMB where we got shown around their facilities that contained lots of interesting microscope instruments that could view living and dead cells. Several of these instruments also had the amazing ability to break the diffraction limit of light using clever innovations available through super resolution techniques. These microscopes could even be coupled to allow pinpoint accuracy when using different techniques for imaging, eg. One can do superfast rough scans to help you find the desired area, the other then allows for amazingly detailed images to be taken.

We then went and visited the NUS synchrotron. It was amazing. I’ve been to the Aus synchrotron that is massive in size but I never realised you could make one as small as they have. When I say small I mean its about the size of a van but slightly taller, you could almost fit it in your living room assuming you have an old house with a high roof. Another interesting fact about this synchrotron is that they have two. They have one that is fully functional and that they use for experiments, the other sits in their lobby for people coming to the synchrotron to look at. Although the one in the lobby is also used for spare parts to keep the other going it is amazing that they have the money to have a “spare” synchrotron.