Fusionworld and the animals of the world

Today was a day I have been particularly looking forward to as today we were to be visiting “Fusionworld” at Fusionopolis, even though we had not really been told much about it other than that Paul described it as being like a “Science city” that was more than enough to get me excited, just like pretty much anything would if it had the word “Fusion” in it. conveniently it was only a few train stops away too. what was disappointing was that we were not allowed to take photos of what we would be seeing inside, but at the same time that only increased my excitement as it had to mean that what we would be seeing would be really cool, technologically advanced stuff, which turned out to be exactly right, the first thing we saw was a presentation video about AStar and Fusionworld… in a Holographic video!!!! I had heard of real life holograms before but had never seen what they actually look like, definitely felt like I was looking at the future of television right there. next we saw electronic advertisement billboards with facial recognition cameras which could determine your approximate age group and gender, and so could display advertisements specifically targeted at your gender and age group. we also saw a TV with almost instant voice translation technology, the first phone that can be unlocked by voice recognition, the first prescription glasses with frames made from old recycled frames, then we got to some of the other really cool stuff, one was a video game controlled by a neural interface where there was a chicken running along a path, and the chicken would move faster or slower depending on the level of your brain activity, I got to have a turn myself and managed to hold it at about 70% speed when playing Star Wars and Transformers music in my head. then we saw a new type of hospital bed, one with sensors built into the bedding itself so that the breathing, heart rate and other organs could be monitored without physically hooking a patient up to several different machines. finally we entered a room filled with fans that had motion sensors and would activate whenever you walked near them, which we all had abit of childish fun with. that concluded our tour of Fusionworld, we then took a walk through the rooftop gardens of the building which was very impressive. we then had some spare time to get something to eat before we would be meeting at NUS for a trip to the Singapore Zoo with the international biodiversity students which was a nice experience and a great way to end the day.