Fusionopolis and zoo visit

This morning we went to Fusionopolis. They had a range of cool, new technologies there. For example, one of them was looking at brain activity to measure concentration; this made a character move forwards in a game. They tested it on kids with ADHD to see how it affected them, and the results showed they were more attentive after  playing the game. Another technology they had there was using laser pointers on a board where it could be picked up, this enabled the projected screen to act like a touch screen but with a laser pointer instead.

Rooftop garden at Fusionopolis

Once we had finished looking at Fusionopolis, we had a little bit of free time to go back to our rooms, and get changed into something more comfortable before heading to our next destination.

The next place we went to was the zoo, where we went with the biodiversity students again. Looking at the facilities they had there was interesting, as we got to learn how they went about looking after the animals. After that we had free time to look at the animals if we wanted to. Some of the animals weren’t too interesting to look at as they weren’t doing much. The lemurs were the best that I saw as they weren’t scared of interacting with humans, so we were able to pet them without them caring.