Weekend in Singapore

It was a great weekend in Singapore as the La Trobe students were set free to roam around and see what we wanted. Unfortunately for us we were all very tired from the past week so we spend Saturday resting and catching up on work.

On Sunday a group of us decided to go out and do something fun, so we went to a water park called Wild Wild Wet that was not too far from Changi Airport. It was extremely cheap at only $19 SGD for entry, and definitely worth the money! The park had very little people in it so the longest time we waited would have been three minutes at most. There were a variety of rides, one being a slide in which we could all go down at once. My favourite ride was called the Torpedo in which you are standing up in a tube, and then the floor you are standing on drops down and you fall down the slide at high speeds.


On the way home from the waterpark George and I went to Orchard shopping centre to purchase some items that we needed. It was good to be able to visit some shops that I love that are not in Melbourne, however I was happy to hear from some staff that they will soon be there.