The Weekend

Saturday; I had a pretty big sleep-in, till around 12.30, it was well needed. Trey, Will and I went and got brunch, and then went and played some basketball in the stadium for about an hour. I then went and had lunch with Trey, then we went for walk to find an outdoor basketball court, which we couldn’t find, and ended up getting caught in a flash thunderstorm,  and I didn’t bring an umbrella so once we finally got back to the accomodation we were drenched. After tea, Trey, Nic, Gerard and I went out to Clarke Quay, which was ridiculously expensive so we didn’t have the best time.

Sunday; I slept in again and then Trey and I just went shopping all day, we went to the Mustafa centre in Little India, which was packed full of people becasue all the construction workers get Sunday off. Mustafa centre was a pretty insane place, they sell almost everything and their prices are cheaper than most shopping centers that I have been to in Singapore.