The Weekend

After a long, intense week of activities, I was very much awaiting the weekend for a chance to get some much needed rest. On Friday night, however, I stayed up much later than I anticipated in order to watch a World Cup final (France vs Germany), but I was able to sleep in on Saturday to compensate. The rest of Saturday went exactly as planned; I remained within the accommodation for 90% of the day and spent most of my time relaxing or absentmindedly researching assignment topics. It was an excellent change of pace from the fast-paced nature of the week before.

After a lazy Saturday, it was time to make use of our spare time to do something a little more exciting, namely the Wild Wild Wet water park! In total, five of us decided to head up to Pasir Ris train station to enjoy the various rides and activities of this affordable (only $19 each!) water-based amusement park.

I think it is safe to say that we all had a fantastic time! There was a reasonable variety of different water slides, from thrilling free fall drops to 5-man tube slides. The weather was also perfect, with the maximum temperature hitting approximately 30 degrees and the clouds providing convenient shelter from the hot sun. Overall, it was definitely a worthwhile trip, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone planning on coming to Singapore.