There wasn’t too much that happened today, however it was still highly productive. Unfortunately our plans for the morning had fallen through, but fortunately this allowed us all some time to split into our two separate groups in order to work on our group projects about the A Star institutes. 

In the early afternoon we visited the SMART CREATE building, which luckily for us is located in University Town where we are staying. SMART CREATE is an institute which collaborates with MIT and mainly researches in biomedical science. We were able to visit their laboratory that specifies in making micro fluid chips to be used in the medical industry. Their chips were specifically made in order to detect how specific cancer cells are being affected in order to find an ideal method of treating the certain type of cancer. In the basement of the SMART CREATE building we visited yet another laser facility, this time however instead of using the special tables that they are mounted on the counteract any movement in the ground, they used large concrete slabs that use air pressure in order to counter balance any movement.

Unfortunately our time at SMART CREATE was quite short, but this allowed us to do a lot in our afternoon. A group of us went and played basketball for a couple hours, which turns out to be an exhausting thing in Singapore. As fun as it was, I wouldn’t recommend everyone to run around a basketball court for two hours that has no air-conditioning, and if you must, stay hydrated! The evening was then spent working on all of our assignments that we have as I would rather get as much done whilst I am still in Singapore as I am not heading straight home to Melbourne when the study tour is completed.