In the morning, because the place we were planning on going to didn’t work, we instead split up into our nano and pico groups so we could organise ourselves with the group assignment and presentation that we need to do. During that time we were able to get some work done as we had until 2:00 to get work done. 2:00 is the planned time when we were to meet back up together to head to our next destination.

In the afternoon we went to the SMART CREATE which is located at university town, a two minute walk from our rooms, so we didn’t really travel anywhere far today. It was a nice change from walking around everywhere and standing looking at labs all day. CREATE is a biotechnology research centre. They talked to us about advanced integrated micro-fluidics, among other interesting things before showing us their labs.


We weren’t there for long before the activities for the day were finished, so some of us went and had a game of basketball on the courts. Which with the humidity and temperature there, made it harder to play compared to back in Australia.