NTU part deux

Today was the second part of a 2 day intensive NTU tour. Our first stop was at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N). It seems to me that the people in Singapore like there acronyms and want to have the best looking ones compared to the rest. This was an interesting place to visit and get to see all the different technologies they have produced. My main interest here was seeing in a little diorama how all the different technologies work together to make a cleaner more efficient city. This was a nice visit as it allowed us to see the impact the research will have on the future.

After ERI@N we had 6 presentations prepared by PhD students with varying fields of research. After these presentations we were given a tour of the labs that a few of these students used. The most exciting one that i saw utilised quantum technology and form Bose Einstein condensate. This was my favourite since it had an experiment running and you could see the cloud of atoms in the centre of the apparatus.