Incorporating sustainability.

Friday was another day when we heard about research projects. These projects where given to us by masters and PhD students as well as doctors. They told us about the current products, which involved clocking, laser cooling, CDPT and super conductors. This was really interesting as this is the first time that we had learnt about research projects in a physics and mathematical field. I learnt a great deal about the possibilities and the cloaking research was also incredibly interesting and a possible field of study. The laser cooling was also really compelling as by putting energy in the system they can cool it down.
The next place we visited was the NTU campus and in particular ERI@N. The ERI@N facility was really interesting as we learnt about sustainable science, they also showed us how to incorporate sustainable products that they had creating in to the buildings that they produce. Furthermore they showed us excellent modeling technology that needed 3D glasses to view the models. This technology could be used to better understand complex models and to predict the behavior of a project.
After we returned to UNI town we had a relaxing after noon with a Japanese dinner for only $4 and to finish we had a chocolate and banana prata for dessert. This cheap and delicious tea further reminded of the value for money that can be found in Singapore.