I Am Not SMART Enough to CREATE a Decent Title

As a change of pace, we all spent this morning in our accommodation working on our group assignments. It was a very productive morning; we all managed to put quite a large dent into the workload with which we are faced over the next few weeks. Overall, I was very happy with how well our team – team Pico – worked together, and I am sure we will have no issues completing the work on time.

Our afternoon visit to the SMART-CREATE MIT Centre was also a productive and enjoyable one. We were given a short but insightful tour through the institute’s laboratories, and we were given detailed descriptions of some of the techniques that are implemented. One such example was the production of microfluidic devices, involving the use of a negative mould over which a substance (polydimethylsiloxane) is poured and set, giving rise to micron-sized channels. It was also interesting to learn about the medical applications of this technology.

Overall, it was a laid back yet interesting and productive day.