He got game

Today was a nice easy day to relax after that crazy weekend of doing not a lot. The day started with us getting into our groups to work on the group projects. This went reasonably smoothly with us all sorting out who had to do what.


The afternoon then kicked off with a visit to the SMART CREATE centre where we were shown around their lab facilities. The facilities they had were quite similar to that of the MCN in the non-clean area. They had an area that was set up to create microfluidic devices using basic polymers that was very similar in lay out to that found in the MCN however due to their more specialised device creation lot less cluttered. The devices they have created there have some interesting properties like spiral devices that allow the separation of cancer cells from other cells.


The day climaxed however with a showdown between Nano and Pico in the greatest intelligence arena of them all. The Basketball court. Now you may think that a bunch of nanotech nerds may not have been overly agile and co-ordinated but gosh we put on an exhibition. Sinking 3’s from all over the court like Larry Bird, lay ups that Russell Westbrook would be jealous of, smashing backboards like Shaq and breaking ankles like AI3. But seriously now, a couple of us may have been mistaken for NBA prospects…. Could be just to do with the height factor however.