A-Star, Research and Design

The Singaporean institute of Manufacturing Technology, colloquially referred to as SIMTech is an A-Star organisation with the primary motive of developing a competitive, high value Singaporean manufacturing industry. Essentially, SIMTech facilitates the need of the market by creating intellectual property whilst developing and managing industrial and corporate affairs.

Dr Wai Jun’s introduction gave a thorough and candid overview of the the company’s roles, motivations and restrictions as well as their involvement in bio-manufacturing, large area processing and microfluidics R&D. The presentation delivered compellingly honest insights into SIMTech’s research programs in relation to the academic discipline in which they encompass. The depth to which Dr Wai Jun described the current demands pervading each academic discipline and donated professional awareness on the commercial demand for each employment arena.

The timetable provided, that outlined the scheduled activities for both NTU visits, foreshadowed the professionalism and functionality of the universities and its branching institutes. Dr Wai Jun’s demonstration exemplified his motivations for technical and manufacture prosperity in Singapore. This was done in conjunction with a developed interest to create constructive and influential commercial, industrial and educational relationships with La Trobe university and Australian industry – particularly unions similar to the CSIRO.