I am so SMART, S-M-R-T… I mean S-M-A-R-T

The events of today’s activities, alike this tour, were seamless yet uneventful. The 9am start was discovered as a surprising rest and an unexpected break from the collective ventures of the rest of the journey. The morning was lacklustre and existed entirely as a hysteric squabble over the events of the weekend and of course procrastination. At a lazy 2pm my peers and I waltzed down to NUS’s Create facilities and participated in a relatively brief tour of the lab.

Primarily, NSU’s SMART Create invests its funding in researching biological applications of typically nano-scale techniques – with emphasis on microscopy, disease studies and the fabrication and implementation of three-dimensional micro-fluidic devices. Most impressively, the building sported an immaculate outlook on the greenery-entwined cityscape of the NUS campus. SMART’s work environment, as a consequence of this seems motivating and potentially inspiring – the amalgamation of the equatorial greenscape and cement freeway that wound through it like a grapevine could do no other than demonstrate the societal and cultural motivations for the work within the laboratory.

Afterwards, my peers and I indulged in a game of nano vs. pico basketball – as anticipated; this was hardly the most athletic display of the sport. However, it exemplified the progression of the denounced culmination of strangers that accrued on the tour and was a testament to the like-mindedness of the students and the operation of the tour. 

– Trey Guest