Weekend = Sleep

So originally for the weekend we had planned on going to Malaysia by catching a bus that was meant to take half an hour to get there. After talking with some people in Singapore we found out it would be closer to 2 hours and that most of them didn’t really rate the experience as the only cheap things we’d probably find would be petrol and some nick-knacks. Well that and a possible dirty syringe being held against us with the promise that we wouldn’t be stabbed if we handed over our money, according to one person anyway. So with thoughts of going to Malaysia out of our heads we decided to set ourselves up for a late night and some soccer/football. All in all was a pretty goodnight until a student from one of the other colleges who had been at a party decided to pass out in the hallway and was completely unresponsive prompting a quick call for an ambulance.

We spoke with one of the friends of the student the next day and they assured us he was fine.

To be honest other than that my weekend was pretty boring, staying up late for soccer while at the same time trying to catch up on sleep from all the early mornings is hard admittedly but too much sleep can’t hurt you.