Weekend adventures, with some R&R.

When I got back to my room Friday night I realised that in the bathroom that they had changed the taps from, taps to times press tops, which makes washing hands annoying. Friday night was really nice and a good time to relax, I was chilling out with some of the other guys watching the world cup when we noticed some guy in the hallway outside the common room. As I went to the bathroom he threw up as I realised he was a bit drunk, so one of the other guys gave him some water to help him feel better.
A while after that when we went to check on him some of his friends showed up telling us he was at a party in the area and disappeared, so they found him on the 13th floor of our building. He was looking in a bad state so as we were taking him to the shower we noticed that he was completely unresponsive, but he was breathing so that was good.
We got his friend to call an ambulance while we took him to the lobby of the building and put him in the recovery position.
On Saturday I woke up at 2pm, it was nice to have a very long sleep in. I spent the day relaxing on Utown campus and spent time with my trip comrades. We also played some video games on our computers together.
On Sunday, after a late brunch, five of us went to Wild Wild Wet, a water park near Pasir Ris, an eastern district near Changi airport. It was good to have a day to cool off in some water. Even when it rained it was lovely and warm so the temperature was really nice the whole day.
Getting there was a bit of a hassle, taxis can be really tricky and will often reject taking you where you want to go because it’s too far from their area. After we spent a fair few hours there we took the train back to NUS Utown, where I caught up on some washing and went to bed.