Today we visited two more NTU schools. The first visit was to ERI@N, which stands for the Energy Research institute at NTU.



We started with 6 presentations, which is a similar format to yesterday. The topics they talked about were Perovskite solar cells, materials for high efficiency, Role of electronic properties of Pt and Pt alloys, Electrical properties of Gadolinium doped Ceria structure, V2O5 cathodes for lithium ion batteries, and Carbon based electrodes for Vanadium Redox flow.

Afterwards we went around and looked at some of the research things people were doing. They showed us about some turbines, new roof panels, and these little sensor things which they had in most if not every room which gave you data about the room.

The next visit was to the School of Physical and Mathematical sciences, which was one of my favourite places to visit so far, due to this being an area I’ve thought about going into. They talked about Manipulation of light and heat with metamaterials, laser cooling in semiconductors, and millikelvin systems for cold atoms and superconductors. Then we got shown the labs for the research they were talking about. I enjoyed learning about cold atoms and how you can cool things with lasers.