Singapore: A Reflection

Unfortunately, due to a severe headache on Friday, I was not able to attend many of the activities that were planned for us, and I was forced instead to spend the afternoon sleeping in my room. As I am therefore unable to provide any insightful comments on the day’s tours and presentations, I will use this opportunity to reflect on some more general aspects of Singapore.

For all intents and purposes, many of the features of Singapore are not too different from home; the city has a very ‘Westernised’ feel, and it is often easy to forget that I am in a different country.

One strikingly obvious difference is the food. If there is one thing that I will miss when I return home to Australia, it will be the mouth watering, exotic dishes that can be found all over Singapore city. From tasty curry laksas to steamed pork buns, and from delicious kaya toast and egg in the mornings to generous servings of Indian curries in the evening, Singapore has given me a culinary experience that I will surely never forget.

With that being said, I am certainly looking forward to a nice cold glass of real milk when I get home; I have had enough condensed-milk milos, thank you!