SIMTech and the school of Materials science

The first stop of the day was to SIMTech, which stands for the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology. The speaker there was really good as he went into a lot of detail about basically everything they do there. Giving us lots of information to help us with our reports, if we choose to write about them which is helpful.

Next we visited the School of Materials science and engineering for NTU (Nanyang Technological University). They had chicken and tuna sandwiches already waiting for us for lunch, which was nice, before being taught about their school and how things work. One of the more interesting things I found was It being the worlds biggest Engineering college.

Afterwards we  had 6 presentations from research students. The topics they talked about were: Nanomedicine for the eye, Biomimicry, Tissue engineering and Translational medicine, Synthesis of Nanoparticles, Nanosheets of Graphene, and Crystal growth of charge transfer compounds. The one I enjoyed most was about Tissue engineering, because as that technology gets better, no more animal testing will be required. We’ll be able to identify how a drug will affect humans without using anyone as a test subject.

After all of the presentations had finished, we were shown around the labs before heading back for the day.