Supercool lasers

Today we visited NTU where we were given a presentation about the scholarships available. This presentation helped exemplify the amount of money available to Singapore institutes to attract the best and brightest to increase their “human resources” which I’ve mentioned before, as their most important resource. When I say a scholarship I mean they are getting everything paid for as well as a sizable allowance on top. I must admit I really did think about the possibility of taking such a scholarship and living in this great country and being paid to study here. However I then remembered they take the best and brightest and at the minute my academic record needs a little work.


We were then given a presentation similar to the other day by graduate and honors students about the research they had done. Some of the presentations involved using lasers to supercool a solid which to me sounded quite interesting while others were a struggle to sit through were still good in their own way. When being shown around their lab facilities we got a chance to see a set up of a super cooling laser array holding around 1000 atoms near absolute zero. This lab tour I found more interesting than some of the others as they showed us the equipment and gave a brief description without lingering too long on the equipment we had seen before.