Day 2 at NTU!

i was truly blown away today with our visit to the Energy Research Institute (ERI) at NTU today which was our first tour visit for the day. I have never seen a building so dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, great plant gardens were found on every level, vines hanging from the balcony’s, as we were shown later, the tiles on the ceiling were all specially made to cool the building down more efficiently and effectively, dehumidification cooling technology which they developed themselves, there were sensors in every room in the building used to measure energy use and environmental changes to help collect data on how to better manage their energy use, I found myself again wishing we had this level of environmental awareness back home in Australia. we were given a rundown of the research area’s of focus of ERI, which of course were energy related, such as energy storage, energy production: fuel cells, solar and other sustainable energy sources, maritime energy, technologies for sustainable buildings etc. we were also once again given several presentations by students undertaking research projects under the institution focused on renewable energy and environmental sustainability. after lunch we went back over to the main university area of NTU to the school of physical and mathematical sciences where again we observed several presentations by post-grad students on their research projects before being given a tour of the labs. saw some really cool stuff, like the setup for laser cooling being used to trap suspended cold atoms, which looked really awesome and rather beautiful.