Visiting the aquarium and BBQ stingray

Today was slightly more relaxed, in the morning we visited Republic Polytechnic who showed us around their campus. This tour was hosted by the students who we had the pleasure of meeting in Australia earlier in the year. They showed us their excellent facilities and the airport hanger complete with 3 planes and a flight simulator was very impressive. They also showed us around their science labs and as they did this they explained the education model that the polytechnic colleges employ. Republic Polytechnic is a problem based learning class with almost all the learning being done through giving the students problems and then letting them figure out the solutions. The students complete year 10 then go to the polytechnic, the course goes for 3 years and after which they go straight into second year at university. This is available in Australia in TAFES however it is not well promoted and they do not have as many facilities to teach the students.
The afternoon consisted of a lovely visit to the aquarium with the Biodiversity students. It was really interesting seeing the variety of fish that come from around the world, it was also interesting to learn about the fish with a guide and then to feed the fish. The day was finished off by going to satay by the bay and enjoying some excellent BBQ stingray. Overall it was a very enjoyable day.