We had to be ready by 8am this morning, so I got a small sleep in which was good. I tried that toast and eggs breakfast that I thought looked gross and it was surprisingly nice, I also got an iced milo. We met at Starbucks and caught public transport to SIMTECH which is at Nanyang Technilogical University. We were greeted by Wai Jun whom gave an introduction to SIMTECH and afterwards we were given a your around their facilities. Their main focus is on materials science, so it was very interesting to me and we got to see some of their 3D printers which was cool.

We then had delicious chicken subs with salad that was provided to us. Professor Tim White then gave us an introduction to the School of materials science and engineering followed by 6 presentations from graduate students which were all very interesting, the presentations varied from medicine to materials science.

After the presentations we were given a short tour of the FACTS lab, bio materials lab and the organic service lab. All of the laboratories have very up to date and high quality resources available to them.

The visit was completed and Trey, Paddy, both Nics, Norton and Gerad and I went to Little India and had dinner at a Hawker food centre and then went shopping at one of the markets close by.