Off to hang at Nanyang

We started the day with a trip out to the Nanyang Technological University campus where we would be spending the entire day, to first visit the A-star facility, Singapore Institute for Materials Technology (SIMTech). After a long and very well detailed presentation of the work that SIMTech does and the products they manufacture we were given a fantastic tour of their labs and manufacturing facilities.

It was great to see some of the final products that they had manufactured that are the end result of so much research and experimentation, it gave me a real appreciation for the things that most people take for granted, even something as simple as switching on a light, few people stop to think about all the years of work that went into the discovering how to build such a seemingly simple device, the life’s work of Michael Faraday, Luigi Galvani, Alessandro Volta, André-Marie Ampère, Georg Ohm, James Clerk Maxwell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and many more, including the scientists and engineers working today, their legacy lives on every time we turn on the lights, that is what was running through my mind particularly when we saw the flexible lighting film. Pick literally any device or piece of technology, The list of names you could accredit as having made a contribution to the body of scientific knowledge that was required to know how to build that device, the list would be hundreds if not thousands of names long. That is the practice of science, each new and brilliant scientific mind stands on the shoulders of those who have come before them so they may see and reach further than what was previously possible.

By far what I considered to be the coolest stuff produced there was the things that were 3D printed, especially the metal 3D printed ones, tools, equipment pieces, motor components etc.