NTU, SIMtech and future projects

Today we went to SIMtech and learnt about the industrial and commercialisation side of science research. This was an enlightening experience as it showed the group more about the end product and how to sell it rather than the pure research side. After this we went to NTU and were educated about the history, the theory and some research projects that students were currently researching. Some interesting things I learnt about the university is that in undergraduate there is 20% international students however in postgrad this skyrockets to 80%. Another thing that is interesting is that they try and push people to create a start-up company and make money off the inventions. It was really interesting to see a different approach to university.
One thing that I was impressed with was NTU’s commitment to ensure the graduates were successful in their projects after they completed their PhD. Another ongoing trend is that universities have a very high rate of people going overseas for at least a small part of the course (70-80% undergraduates and almost 100% postgrads). This is mind-blowing coming from Australian universities where it is a privilege to go overseas rather than an expectation. It was also really interesting to see the industry side of research and how the push pull of the industry interactions. I believe that this knowledge will be really helpful in the future, either in my research project or in my career beyond my studies.