Nanyang tech and SimTech.

This morning I tried to be different and have an alternate breakfast to the runny eggs and dipping toast. It was a bad mistake as the noodles were way to spicy for that time of morning.
The public transport is nice here and as I finally realized that it is really cheap. It was only $0.12 for a bus ride. As they are calculated on distance travelled. Not like the Melbourne system.

We arrived at Nanyang technological university and were given an introduction and lecture about SimTech and what it does. Including it’s research and manufacturing processes. SimTech is a part of the A*Star institute which makes the link between researched technologies and industrial applications. The laboratories we were shown were very impressive. A lot of the facilities were about precision engineering and 3D printing.
We were then given five short presentations by NTU students who were doing post graduate research on various topics. It was nice to see the kinds of work they are doing and to have the chance to question them about it.
After that we were given a tour of their laboratories which included electron microscopes.
Later that night we went to little India to a hawker center for dinner where a few of us went and got food with a bit of walking about the shopping centre. I got a dish called fried carrot cake, it was anything but a cake. It was a very nice fried mixture of vegetables with an egg mixed into it.
The shopping centre was much more dingey and not as lavish as felt more real with many more locals and much more reasonable prices. I was able to buy some gifts for the family and shoes for myself.


2 thoughts on “Nanyang tech and SimTech.”

  1. How interesting. Just heard about 3D photos so I am interested in hearing more about it.
    I am not sure about egg being mixed into food though . Is it still raw?
    Gosh your study trip sounds so interesting. I am enjoying following you.

  2. hiya so pleased your enjoying it hun i am pritning them all out so dad and sally can read them too 🙂 the time is going so fast , but how is the study going not to stressful i hope hugs mum

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