Under the S.E.A

Today we had to get up super early to get everything done. By early I mean 6 (which is still 8 in Aus but I’m going to use the fact that I’ve got used to this time zone as an excuse). We first went to Republic Polytechnic which is an institute not dissimilar to a TAFE in its nature. It provides students out of high school a chance to obtain a diploma in their chosen field like aerospace engineering or applied science. This allows students from high school a chance to get a head start on their future studies while providing them a chance to get hands on work in the industry. The students that showed us the facilities at RP had come to Aus earlier this year and met many people in our group, for me however this was the first time as I’d been sick on their visit. They were all friendly and helpful and can’t wait for them to come visit again.


We then rushed back to NUS to meet the Bio-diversity students who were here on exchange from all over the world and to share a bus to the aquarium here in Singapore. It is home to the biggest aquarium tank in the world with glass sides for observation (well that’s what they claim, I’m not fully convinced), though it was cool to see dolphins swimming in real life as I had never seen that before. They also offered an interesting service, underwater hotel rooms, these rooms backed directly onto the larger tanks and could be booked for an exuberant amount that I would never consider using but found interesting as a concept.