Meeting NUS students

This morning we all met up at 8 am, like we did yesterday. Although this time one of our group members, Trey, got a blister on his foot and couldn’t go with us for today’s activities. The first visit was to see some students from NUS who study similar subjects to what we do back at Latrobe. As an icebreaker, to get to know a few of the students joining us on today’s activities, we split our group into the nano, and pico groups.

After becoming acquainted with the students, we headed off to CIBA as our first lab visit.


The next two labs we saw was a graphene lab, which was a clean room so we couldn’t actually enter however we still learnt a bit about what was going on inside. Next was the centre for quantum technologies, in which they showed us some work they’re doing with cold atoms.


After all of these visits we went to lunch with the NUS students before visiting a room where NUS had organised a science demonstration class. Once the deonstration was finished, It was time to say goodbye to the NUS students before going back to U-town.