From RP to under the S.E.A.A

I was not a particularly big fan of the required wakeup time this morning, had to wake up and get up at about 6:30 and down at the Starbucks ready to go at 7:15. This was because our first activity today was a visit to Republic Polytechnic, which was further away from our accommodation than any of the other places we have visited previously. My impression of RP is that it seems to serve a similar function as T.A.F.E does in Australia, however like every other institution for education we have visited in Singapore, there is a much larger portion of it devoted to Science, Technology and Engineering, and have an approach to education that I have not come across in Australia, they use problem based learning, where the students are given a problem and the whole day to solve it, and so must go and do research in order to find a solution. When we arrived at PR we went into a very swish looking lecture theatre, where each eat had its own microphone through which students could ask questions, which I think would be great to have in the La Trobe theatres. we were treated to a brief promotion video for the institution followed by a video montage of some of the PR students who had recently visited La Trobe. we then took a tour of the campus, seeing their library, physics labs and aerospace engineering facilities. afterwards we departed back to U Town to quickly get changed before we headed off to NUS to join some international biodiversity students on a trip to the South East Asia Aquarium, supposedly the largest aquarium in the world, but I am getting the feeling that they may have exaggerated, nonetheless it was very impressive, I do find marine life very fascinating and beautiful. whether their biggest tank and viewing window were the largest in the world or not as they were claimed to be, they were nonetheless stunning.