Suits and Science 30/06

Today we met down at starbucks at 8 o’clock in our fancy dress all primped and proper for our visit to the Australian High Commission. I was a little bit nervous today because this was our first official type of visit.

When we arrived at the Commission we had to pass through a security check point. After passing through here we entered the foyer and in it were boards showcasing the Australian and Singaporean relationship. We then had a meeting and learned a lot about the economic ties between Australia and Singapore. After the main body of business was completed I was time for tea and questions, which quickly turned to talking about our favourite footy teams.

IMRE - George Tsironis
IMRE – George Tsironis

After we left the High Commission we made our way back to U Town for a quick change of clothes and some much needed food. Our next stop was to the A Star institute IMRE for a tour around the facilities. This was really informative since it allowed me to see what kind of instruments I’m going to be using in the future. It also allowed me to see what possible future I have with nanotechnology.