Sore Feet and High Hopes

As a ramification of the tour’s intensity, as well as a hardened pair of shiny, new leather shoes, I was unable to join the collective in their visit to NUS and the science demo lab. Instead, I was committed to a day laden with study, reflection and a well-earned rest. Rather than burdening you with the negligible exploits of my day, I have instead decided to give a scant overview of my expectations for the remainder of the trip.

In the past week, my outlook on Singapore’s cultural and economic climate has rapidly shifted and I have been gifted with a greater sense of globalism. The countries financial and scientific exploits have allowed me insight into the future of nanotechnology and subsequently my occupational horizons. Ideally, the remainder of the trip will ignite a specific passion, goal or method of achieving what I want by offering a specific direction. Potentially, this could come in the form of a project, mentor or like-minded students with the same motives in the industry. Personally I would appreciate speaking to those within the industry with honest motives that regard the propagation of the science and the improvement of the human condition. Although these expectations are exorbitant I believe they are achievable, given the rapidity that my outlook on global communities has been altered.

– Trey Guest