Fun with Physics 1/07

Today was our first tour of the NUS physics facilities and contact with students studying similar subjects as our selves. We met student’s part of the Special Programme in Science inside their own little headquarters. This space seems like the perfect meeting point for students to meet up and relax or discuss their studies.

We had a tour of the facilities and learnt a lot about the different types of instruments on offer, one of my favourites being the linear accelerator which is used by many different fields in science. One of the more interesting uses i found to be the ability to see inside a biological cell and determine its exact make up. After the visit to the particle accelerator we were introduced to the clean room and could see where nanotechnology is applied manufacture graphene sheets and other assortments of nanomaterials.

We then moved on to the Centre of Quantum Technologies. In this we had a discussion about quantum entanglement which i could just keep up with and understand. To finish off the day we were taken to a demonstration lab and could put our knowledge of physics to the test.