Visiting the Australian high commission and IMRE

The day started with us all meeting at 8 am, in our usual spot besides Starbucks, to visit the Australian high commission. Once we got there, we were greeted by Jennifer Burdick, who is the third secretary,  and Tracy Harris, who is in charge of Austrade. They talked about how politics works in Singapore, which shares a similar structure as Australia’s. They also talked about Singapore’s economy, and different parts of their culture, which was interesting to learn. We were also meant to talk to the deputy high commissioner, but she has been sick and couldn’t make it.

After the trip to the Australian high commission, we traveled back to the residences to get some lunch and change before going to IMRE. IMRE is the institute of materials research and engineering. While there, we were taught a little bit about Research and development sector in Singapore, which by the sounds of it is better than what we have currently in Australia. After that we went and visited some labs there and learnt about the research that goes on there, which was interesting as they are potential places that we could end up researching at.