Politics, economics and lab visits

Day two of the study tour started nice and early with everyone meeting at 8 am. The high commission was the first official business that we attended at the study tour. The two host at the high commission educated us about both the political and economic ties between Singapore and Australia. They also talked about the history and the political climate of Singapore. This was well received and after the question and answer session it quickly dissolved into AFL talk with one of the hosts. Paul then gathered us up again and then after getting dressed into more comfortable clothes, we next went to IMRE. IMRE was very interesting as it gave us a tour of labs which were particularly interesting as it showed the possible career paths that could be taken. We viewed many different instruments that were fundamental in the research that was being done at IMRE. This then was topped off with an interesting chat with a PhD student who was working on more effective batteries for cars. He was hoping that he could make a battery with the perfect amount of capacity vs stability. Overall this was an educational day and it proved to be really interesting.