Merlion Awakens 29/06

You know a day is going to turn out to be great when you are greeted with thunder storms. That is what we faced today as we were about to disembark. We took a bus trip down to Kent Ridge and caught the train all the way to Raffles Place.

As we were making our way to the Merlion, we passed a couple of statues along the water, my favourite one being the singapura cats playing by the river on the Cavenagh Bridge. We arrived at the Merlion and took a short break so we could take pictures of the icon. Soon after we made our way towards the Marina Bay Sands.

Singapura Cats
Singapura Cats – George Tsironis

Along the way we could hear various bands doing sound checks and getting prepared for the BayBeats festival that was scheduled for the weekend. On the way to the Marina Bay Sands was an interesting bridge in the shape of a helix, appropriately named The Helix Bridge which also had letter pairings along the walkway a – t and g – c to show the base amino acids comprising genes.

We ate our lunch in the shopping complex and where spoilt for choice, so of course I chose to eat some burgers. After this much needed feed we made our way to Gardens by the Bay. This area was so vibrant and diverse and showed off the multiculturalism of Singapore. The Flower Dome had flora from all over the world ranging from China to Africa and our own home country. After the Flower Dome we entered the gorgeously refreshing Cloud Forest. This place was exquisite with a massive waterfall that greets you as you walk in. Fair to say there where many pictures taken during today.

flower dome
Flower Dome – George Tsironis

As the day of planned activities came to a close, me and a few others went off to Funan to look at the massive assortment of electrical goods that has taken over 7 floors.